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Care And Maintenance Of Hair Products

Put the wig on the head model helps keep the original style wig with long of any material will be pollution, dirty, so using a full top wig better sewing in the hair mats before a hair NET, helps to fix and easy to clean.

Wigs need to be cleaned periodically or comb out the dust. Wig is first placed in a basin containing a small amount of shampoo, for 5-10 minutes, then gently rinse, tooth comb to comb out above the dirt-repellent, do not wring the rub. With a dry towel off after drops, then combed to the hair, place the shade to dry, avoid sun exposure and use a hair dryer to blow dry.

After each and every wash after the wig can rub a little oil on the wig, keep the wig shine. No wigs for a long time after cleaning to the box or model head with plastic wrap, either keep the original style, and avoiding the intrusion of dust and bacteria, can not be folded or saved under my clothes.