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How to wash your hair for hair products?

Best hair products wash properly, will make you very disappointed. High heels to help you find a wig cleaning sleeves, keep your wig could use for a long time, regardless of what level it belongs to the yo!

1. Special wig Combs (anti-static) wig comb;

2. 5-10 minutes in the wig into cold water. For too long, the hair is easy to fall off;

3. Hand wash, washing machines cannot be used.

4. Choose two in one shampoo, don't scrub, gently with your hands can grab one to grab the hair;

5. Vote clean with water;

6. With a dry towel (2-3) to dry on the wig, should not use the handle or to dry laundry facilities;

7. Dry, do not dry;

8. For wig to 90%, grab one to grab the hair gently with your hands, and then with a wig comb special comb a wig;

9. For washing of wigs, if you don't need to wear frequently, should be sprayed a little (not spray) eruption of oil;

10. Wig when fully dry, the washed hair well with a hair NET, into the good air permeability in a sealed plastic bag (with small round holes in the bag), and if no such bag, can also be loaded into a common plastic bag, the bag to wear with a PIN holes;

11. Wig washing should be stored in a dry place.